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KAIU Record Weight Stabilizer - Vinyl, Oak

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  • Reduce Pressure: Take the pressure off & rock out to your favorite classics! This record weight for vinyl disks is designed to distribute pressure evenly and reduce any vibrational distortion for your turntable disk.
  • Quality Material: The design of this vinyl weight isn't just for looks. The solid oak wood and stainless steel finish are built to last while the felted base protects your record labels from harm
  • Nicely Weighted: Get the ideal weight for an idyllic listening experience. This record player stabilizer has just the right amount of weight to dampen vibrations without overloading the turntable bearings or stopping minor skips!
  • No-Slip: Don't let your favorite songs slip away (literally)! Our turntable weight acts as a record stabilizer that is heavy enough to prevent any record slippage for maximum enjoyment.
  • Bass Booster: You don't just get extra protection from our vinyl record weight, you get extra bass too! The weight and design of this record flattener can help improve the bass response of your records, from real oldies to real classics. Rock on!